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Last feed update: Wednesday December 2nd, 2015 06:23:20 AM

uuufo on "[Plugin: Syndicate Press] Images"

Friday July 31st, 2015 06:26:33 PM uuufo

Hi, I am pulling data from a craigslist rss feed. I get my listings fine, but I can't seem to get images. They are housed in an <enc:enclosure> tag, should the plugin be pulling them and displaying them as thumbnails? Thanks!

SP developer on "[Plugin: Syndicate Press] Multiple posts"

Monday March 30th, 2015 05:41:23 PM SP developer

Hi Jenny,
A couple of things for you to look at:
- Does the feed URL show the items multiple times? (unlikely)
- Do you have the same sp# short-code on your wordpress page/post multiple times? If you want more than 1 sp# code on a page/post, you should use the sp# short-code filters or different feed names for each short-code placement.
- Are you using a wordpress cache plugin? If so, you may need to delete the cache content.

Best regards,
SP Developer

mellaker on "[Plugin: Syndicate Press] Multiple posts"

Monday March 30th, 2015 01:37:28 PM mellaker


I get multiple copys of posts in my feed. up to five of the same post. What have I done wrong?

Even if I delet them they come back.


Feed aggregation powered by Syndicate Press.
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Old changelog info…


1.0.18: New feature release
Added a new short-code parameter which allows you to override the global article limit and set an article limit for each short-code.

1.0.17: New feature release
Added new SEO feature which allows the admin to add the rel=nofollow tag to the article links.

1.0.16: New feature release and bug fixes
Added a new feature that allows the user to customize the format of the timestamp.
Fixed a bug in the shortcode definition of the feednames to include in a page. SP now allows the user to define the feeds to include as follows: feedList=feedname
Updated the help tab with the new feedList example
Added directory path display when the cache permissions are incorrect.

1.0.15: Small performance update
Removed an external server call which was slowing down the admin page load.

1.0.14: Tiny bugfix release
Fixed spelling error in Syndicate Press linkback text

1.0.13: Documentation release
Clarified some documentation around the file permissions check

1.0.12: Bug fix release.
Put exception handling around the file permissions check.

1.0.11: This is a new feature release.
Added support for bbcodes in the text widget.
Added a new check to make sure that the cache directories have the correct permissions.
Updated some of the descriptions in the admin page to make them clearer.

1.0.10: This is a bug-fix release. Fixed the following issues:
Failure to show feed items when “Show item description only when the viewer hovers over the item link.” is selected.
Error upon extra spaces and commas in the filter fields.

1.0.9: Added the showImages parameter to the bbcode to enable display of feed images for all feeds included by that bbcode snippet. i.e. [ sp# feedname showImages=true ]

1.0.8: Added ability to define inclusive and exclusive filters within the bbcode i.e. [ sp# feedname include=keyword exclude=keyword ]
Moved the custom formatting config out of the Display Options tab and into the new Custom Formatting tab

1.0.7: Fixed an image display bug. Placed the cache control buttons at the top of the admin UI.

1.0.6: Major admin page UI refactoring to utilize tabs. Tabs make managing the plugin much easier!
Implemented first attempt at solving the go-daddy permanent redirect for rss feeds.

1.0.5: Removed an extra line break after the article title and prior to the article timestamp.
Now the look of the title and timestamp is more controllable by the user. The article title still defaults to a
header2 level, but this can be removed in the plugin admin page.

1.0.4: Ignoring empty lines in the the feed url box.

1.0.3: Fixed a quote and slash escaping issue in the custom feed separator html and in the feed not found custom html.

1.0.2: Added an article link to the ‘…’ when an article is truncated by Syndicate Press. Automatically replacing the feed:// protocol designator with http://

1.0.1: Added an ‘Update Settings’ button to the top of the Admin Page. Fixed a bug where a space between the | character and the feed URL (when using a custom feed name) resulted in the feed URL not being found.

1.0: Initial release to the WordPress plugin repository

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