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Last feed update: Thursday July 30th, 2015 11:15:33 AM

SP developer on "[Plugin: Syndicate Press] Multiple posts"

Monday March 30th, 2015 05:41:23 PM SP developer

Hi Jenny,
A couple of things for you to look at:
- Does the feed URL show the items multiple times? (unlikely)
- Do you have the same sp# short-code on your wordpress page/post multiple times? If you want more than 1 sp# code on a page/post, you should use the sp# short-code filters or different feed names for each short-code placement.
- Are you using a wordpress cache plugin? If so, you may need to delete the cache content.

Best regards,
SP Developer

mellaker on "[Plugin: Syndicate Press] Multiple posts"

Monday March 30th, 2015 01:37:28 PM mellaker


I get multiple copys of posts in my feed. up to five of the same post. What have I done wrong?

Even if I delet them they come back.


rscano on "[Plugin: Syndicate Press] Not new feed"

Friday March 20th, 2015 09:39:27 PM rscano

Hi I've try but error persist. The feed of the page is visible: but the previous error persist.

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