• Open the administration page from within WordPress
  • Select the “Enable” radio-button
  • Enter an RSS feed URL into the feed list box
    1. You may enter more than 1 feed URL in the list.
      1. Simply place each feed URL on a separate line
    2. Before syndicating a feed, make sure that you have permission from the feed producer to use their feed on your website. Most publishers are happy to allow syndication of their feeds because it provides free, community based advertising for their content. There are feed producers who do not want their RSS feeds syndicated. You are responsible for following the terms of use set forth by a feed producer.
  • Configure any other settings as you wish…
  • Click the “Update Settings” button
  • Create a new Page (or Post)
  • Add your desired feeds to the page or post.
    1. Setting the feedname to ‘all’ will display all of the RSS feeds that you have defined in your feed list
  • Save and publish the Page
  • View the page with all of the excellent RSS feed items in your browser…
  • Sit back and relax, knowing that you just syndicated your first RSS feed on your site…and it was easy!

Adding feeds to a page, post or theme file…

Adding one or more feeds to your site is easy.


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