Can I display a feed that is not in English?

Yes.  Syndicate Press supports feeds that are not in English.  For example, here are 3 feeds aggregated onto a single page.  The feed language is Hebrew.

Some languages are read right-to-left (Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, etc…) instead of left-to-right (English, Spanish, German, etc…).  Syndicate Press supports this formatting, if the feed contains the formatted text.  To enable this, you may need to enable Display HTML formatting on the global SP Admin ‘Display Formatting’ tab.

Additionally, some of the SP custom formatting elements may need to have their text aligned to the right.  You can do this on the SP Admin ‘Custom Formatting’ tab.  This can be done easily by adding a div to each item and giving it a little CSS style… HEre are some examples: Add <div align=”right”> to each of the items in the Custom Formatting tab.  Be sure to close each div for each item in the ‘after’ field.  You could also do a text align like this: <div style=”text-align:center”>Timestamp</div>.

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