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Sharyl Attkisson: If You Cross Obama Admin They Will Treat You Like “Enemies Of The State”

Saturday January 31st, 2015 09:35:20 AM admin
Real Clear Politics | Former CBS investigative correspondent testifies at the confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.

Rand Paul Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Yesterday’s News’

Saturday January 31st, 2015 09:32:55 AM admin
Breitbart | "A blast from the past."

NYPD Launches Plan to Deal with Protests – Arm Police with Long Rifles, Machines Guns and Extra Protective Gear

Saturday January 31st, 2015 09:28:55 AM admin
Michael Krieger | Murders reached a historic low in NYC for 2014; overall crime was down across the board by nearly 5%.

Catapult Learning

The Common Core Experts

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Educator Spotlight – January 2015

Thursday January 29th, 2015 01:36:09 PM Lynne Mehley

What’s Up on Capitol Hill? A New Look for ESEA

Wednesday January 28th, 2015 01:50:39 PM Michelle Doyle

Cyber Snow Days

Tuesday January 20th, 2015 07:21:00 PM Diane Rymer

The post Cyber Snow Days appeared first on Catapult Learning.

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! is an independent daily TV & radio news program, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. We provide daily global news headlines, in-depth interviews and investigative reports without any advertisements or government funding. Our programming shines a spotlight on corporate and government abuses of power and lifts up the stories of ordinary people working to make change in extraordinary times. Democracy Now! is live weekdays at 8am ET and available 24/7 through our website and podcasts.

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"Vanguard of the Revolution": New Film Chronicles Rise of Black Panthers & FBI's War Against Them

Friday January 30th, 2015 01:09:04 PM (Democracy Now!)
With groups around the country taking on issues of police brutality and accountability, we go back 50 years to another movement confronting the same issues. We spend the hour looking at a new documentary that just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival called "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution." It tells the history of the Black Panther Party through rare archival footage and interviews with party leaders, rank-and-file members, journalists -- and even police and FBI informants. We feature extended excerpts from the film and speak with one its subjects, Kathleen Cleaver, who served as communications secretary of the Black Panther Party and is now a law professor at Emory University. We also speak with Stanley Nelson, the film's award-winning director. The film is set to play in theaters and air on PBS later this year.

CodePink Attempts to "Arrest" Henry Kissinger for War Crimes in Vietnam, Laos, Chile and East Timor

Friday January 30th, 2015 01:06:31 PM (Democracy Now!)
Activists from the antiwar group CodePink attempted to perform a citizen's arrest on former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger when he testified on global security challenges at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting on Thursday. Kissinger served as secretary of state and national security adviser during the Vietnam War under presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain lashed out at the protesters and called on the Capitol Hill Police to remove them.

Headlines for January 30, 2015

Friday January 30th, 2015 01:00:00 PM (Democracy Now!)
U.S. Rejects Giving Guantánamo Back to Cuba, Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Open Travel to Cuba, 35 Die in Bombing of Shiite Mosque in Pakistan, Three U.S. Contractors Killed in Afghanistan as U.S. Moves to Classify War Data, Egyptian Wing of Islamic State Claims Credit for Killing 27 in North Sinai, Apartheid Death Squad Leader "Prime Evil" Granted Parole in South Africa, Republican-Led Senate Approves Keystone XL Pipeline, Girlfriend of Akai Gurley to File $50 Million Lawsuit Against NYPD, Dismissed Professor Steven Salaita Sues University of Illinois, San Francisco Public Defender Arrested Inside Courthouse, CodePink Activists Attempt Citizen's Arrest on Henry Kissinger

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